Claire Abbamonte, EEBW

Claire riding Donato.

Claire Abbamonte, EEBW (Equinology Equine Body Worker) has had an affinity for all things equine since she was a kid. She realized her life long dream of becoming an equine professional when she started Affinity Equine Bodywork LLC. She became certified as an equine bodyworker after completing the Equinology program. Claire is also a certified Equine Kinesiology Taping Practitioner through Sozo Equine and has taken courses in myofascial release and saddle fitting.

Equinology is one of the most comprehensive bodywork certification programs available and requires a thorough equine anatomy course, an intensive in-person program, and a hands on externship for a total of 320+ hours of experience.

Claire started riding at age 7 and knew early on that knew she wanted to make horses her career. She earned her bachelors degree in Animal Science with an emphasis in Equine Business from Virginia Tech. She has worked on several large horse breeding farms and lesson and boarding facilities. She also worked for eight years in an assisted reproductive technology lab (for humans!) before becoming a stay at home mom to her two kids. She now owns Donato, an Andalusian/Oldenburg gelding who she hopes to ride through third level dressage some day.