Comprehensive Bodywork Session

The initial session will include a 30 minute complimentary initial history, static and dynamic observations, and tack assessment (if indicated) in addition to 90 minutes of hands on bodywork. Each subsequent session will include abbreviated observations prior to 90 minutes of hands on bodywork. All bodywork sessions include a full body sports massage, focal point work, soft tissue mobilization, and stretching. Exercises or equine massage techniques may be provided for the owner to work on between sessions.

BEMER Session

BEMER uses patented PEMF technology to increase microcirculation and vasomotion in order to improve the flow of nutrients and oxygen to the muscles and removal of cellular waste products. Use of BEMER decreases pain and tension, increases relaxation and suppleness, supports recovery, and enhances performance and endurance. BEMER is available as an add on to bodywork sessions, or as a BEMER only session.

Kinesiology Taping

Kinesiology tape is a stretchy, breathable tape designed to support the body while allowing full range of motion. It works by decompressing tissue therefore decreasing pain, increasing lymph and blood flow, supporting joints, enhancing proprioception, improving recovery, and reducing tension. Kinesiology tape applications are available as an add on service to bodywork sessions, if applicable. 

**Mileage fee may apply if further than 30 miles from 21044** 

Payment due at time of service. Payment preferred via cash or check. Venmo also accepted.

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