"Claire brings a wealth of knowledge not only of equine massage and bodywork, but also of how the horse utilizes its body as an athlete. She recognizes asymmetries, muscle tension, and problem areas in the horse, and shares various stretches, massage techniques, and other advice to the owner so they can continue to help their horse in between sessions. Her services are a wonderful addition to any equine athlete's care!" - Ali Calkins, FEI rider


"If you have a horse you might want to consider having Claire work on them. She's smart, knows horses, and knows how to help horses feel better and move better! Can't wait for George's next session with her!" - Sarah B., longtime rider and owner


"Claire has been wonderful to work with. The horses all enjoy their sessions and she has been amazing at being patient and understanding of horses and their issues (ie a certain rehabbing, irritable chestnut mare on stall rest, who is feeling much better thanks to her bodywork as she continues in her recovery!). She is a great addition to any program, training, or rehabilitation, and I'm excited to see how the horses all progress with time." -Karen G., boarding facility manager and trainer


"Disco was in his happy place today with Affinity Equine Bodywork. I always appreciate a holistic approach & it was so cool to see Claire identify places on Disco that were tight & being able to connect it to the things we are working on under saddle. Excited to see the long term impact on my guy & use preventative care to support our partnership for years to come." - Shannon S.